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Our main aim is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient solution to our customer.
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Our team is always focused on the customer. That lets us choose the most suitable solution.
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Before we start working on the new project, we always analyse the requirements twice.
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Regardles whether we deliver a website, piece of software or another IT solution, we always try to use latest technology.
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Our team has a great attention to detail. You can be sure that every little detail will be noticed.
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Whether it's online or by telephone, we strive to provide quality support to all our customers.
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    What is website monitoring and how does it work?

    Website monitoring refers to a number of processes and IT services that ensure that a web site is up and running, fully functional and available to the public.

    Our website monitoring software will be constantly accessing your website to make sure the website is up and running. The software is located on different servers - if any of our monitoring servers finds that there's a problem with your website, it will ask another server to check. If we identify an error with your website, we will let you know straight away.

    Why do I need to monitor my website?

    One of the many advantages of websites is that they are open for business 24/7. This also means that no matter the website, downtime equals lost exposure and revenue. More importantly, websites contain valuable data, such as names, addresses and even financial information that thieves want. Therefore, an unmonitored site is vulnerable to failure and attack.

    Why choose MakeITlive?

    As experts in web site monitoring, MakeITlive knows both the mechanics and the usability of websites. Whether a problem is related to accessibility, performance or security, this expertise allows us to offer cheap and swift solutions to a variety of problems to minimise a site's downtime and maximise a client's ROR.

    MakeITlive keeps sites live in a number of ways.

    A successful website is more than one that is never offline. It should be quick to load and accessible to all popular browsers and devices. That's why our affordable website monitoring services include:

    • Monitoring everything from HTTP web servers, POP3 email servers and HTTP password protection to web page content itself
    • Checking load times
    • Checking compatibility with multiple browsers and web devices
    • Monitoring status codes of the website
    • Sending instant notification if the website isn't accessible
    • Sending weekly & monthly reports