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Effective Solutions


Our main aim is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient solution to our customer.
Customer Focus


Our team is always focused on the customer. That lets us choose the most suitable solution.
Analytical Thinking


Before we start working on the new project, we always analyse the requirements twice.
Latest Technology


Regardles whether we deliver a website, piece of software or another IT solution, we always try to use latest technology.
Attention to Detail


Our team has a great attention to detail. You can be sure that every little detail will be noticed.
Quality Support


Whether it's online or by telephone, we strive to provide quality support to all our customers.
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    What is web design and development?

    Web design refers to the predominantly visual web site features visitors are most familiar with, including images, animations, typography and web content layout.

    Web development refers to the foundation upon which the website is built and the technology that makes it run. It includes programming, web server (unit which hosts the website) configurations and network security.

    Why do I need web design & development?

    Business and personal websites function as everything from cheap, innovative promotion and branding for businesses to equally affordable virtual offices and online stores. Having a quality website allow businesses the ability to reach two billion online individuals worldwide at minimal costs, thereby maximising ROI.

    However, just like in the real world, it takes high quality expert assistance to create a high quality result.

    Why choose MakeITlive to design my website?

    MakeITlive recognises that the most successful websites are the most user-friendly, user-focused and accessible website with a clean and neat design.

    This is why our web design and development team create websites that are simple to use, specifically designed to meet the needs of their target visitors and W3C compliant, whilst still being stylish and professional. Our team are as passionate about their business as our clients are about theirs, and so all our web sites make use of the latest web development technology (such as Microsoft .NET) and advances in visual communication (such as CSS3 and HTML5).

    MakeITlive recognises that each client's web design and web development needs are different.

    This is why we offer package solutions to popular web design and web development issues, as well as bespoke websites created in close collaboration with the client to address their unique requirements. By tailoring our web design and development services to the client in this way, we can offer cheap IT services that maximise quality and as an IT company based in London we are ideally placed to help identify a client's local, national and international competitors.

    MakeITlive recognises that budgets and time-frames are often limited.

    This is why, unlike many other companies that specialise in one area and outsource the other, our staff consists of experts in both web design and web development who work side-by-side to ensure harmony between design and technology. The result is swift, affordable and professional sites that are correctly coded to maximise both technical concerns like search engine optimisation and the most essential concern of all, user satisfaction.