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Effective Solutions


Our main aim is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient solution to our customer.
Customer Focus


Our team is always focused on the customer. That lets us choose the most suitable solution.
Analytical Thinking


Before we start working on the new project, we always analyse the requirements twice.
Latest Technology


Regardles whether we deliver a website, piece of software or another IT solution, we always try to use latest technology.
Attention to Detail


Our team has a great attention to detail. You can be sure that every little detail will be noticed.
Quality Support


Whether it's online or by telephone, we strive to provide quality support to all our customers.
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    What is eCommerce? Is it related to shopping carts and online shops?

    eCommerce means 'electronic commerce'. The most common form is 'online shopping', however, it also includes commodity exchange, online banking and charitable donations.

    Why do I need an eCommerce solution?

    With £56 billion spent online by UK consumers in 2010, if your business does not have eCommerce features you could be missing out on hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of pounds of annual revenue. And with the cost of adding professional eCommerce solution to your organisation being relatively low, there is no excuse to lose out.

    Why choose MakeITlive?

    Thanks to years of experience, MakeITlive knows eCommerce and fully understands the requirement to develop a functional and user friendly eCommerce software. That makes use of our expertise in a variety of IT services.

    We create appealing visual and textual content that effectively show off products and/or services on your eCommerce website, enticing visitors to browse and then buy. And thanks to a high degree of usability and our state of the art security features, we ensure visitors can find what they want and come back for more.

    MakeITlive can handle every aspect of either integrating eCommerce solution into a client's existing site or creating a new site, including:

    • Building eCommerce applications based on Microsoft .NET platform
    • eCommerce web site design and web development
    • Adding popular features such as online payments, the wish list, up selling (e.g. "People who bought A also bought B"), discount coupon codes and the management of an unlimited number of products and categories.

    We can even handle email marketing to inform existing and potential site visitors of new developments and promotions, and the design and branding of content once visitors arrive at the site.

    We cater our affordable eCommerce solutions to the business needs of our clients and their target visitors.

    Every business is as different as the individual eCommerce customer it serves. That's why MakeITlive offer pre-built affordable eCommerce packages that address the most popular eCommerce needs and can be quickly built into existing and new sites, as well as an equally affordable bespoke eCommerce service for less conventional projects.