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Effective Solutions


Our main aim is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient solution to our customer.
Customer Focus


Our team is always focused on the customer. That lets us choose the most suitable solution.
Analytical Thinking


Before we start working on the new project, we always analyse the requirements twice.
Latest Technology


Regardles whether we deliver a website, piece of software or another IT solution, we always try to use latest technology.
Attention to Detail


Our team has a great attention to detail. You can be sure that every little detail will be noticed.
Quality Support


Whether it's online or by telephone, we strive to provide quality support to all our customers.
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    All services we provide are backed up with a long term experience. Thanks to passion, dedication and knowledge we are able to give you the service you are looking for.

    Below is the list of MakeITlive services. If you have any questions or queries or would like to find out more, please contact us.

    Web Design & Development

    We love to deliver websites that not only work, but bring our customers visitors and money. Websites we create are always tested in multiple browsers and are fully functional.

    Microsoft .Net Development

    Whether you just need a small piece of windows based software, or an advanced web application, we are definitely the right people to talk to. We specialise in C#/VB .Net software development.


    Ecommerce solutions are very important for each business. A website with a shopping cart and internal Customer Relationship Management software is a must if you have a online or retail shop.

    Email Marketing

    Thanks to email marketing, you can let your customers know about newly added products, company events etc. It's also a very succesfull channel used to deliver any messages to the customer.

    Design & Branding

    Probably every business would like to be regognised by name, logo or even some colors and shapes. That's where we step in with our outstanding design and creativity. We will take care of your logo design, company letters, templates, banners etc.

    Website Monitoring

    This is probably one of the most important fartors needed to run a successfull online business. If your website isn't available to the public no-one will be able to access it, therefore you will get no orders, contact form submissions etc.