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Effective Solutions


Our main aim is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient solution to our customer.
Customer Focus


Our team is always focused on the customer. That lets us choose the most suitable solution.
Analytical Thinking


Before we start working on the new project, we always analyse the requirements twice.
Latest Technology


Regardles whether we deliver a website, piece of software or another IT solution, we always try to use latest technology.
Attention to Detail


Our team has a great attention to detail. You can be sure that every little detail will be noticed.
Quality Support


Whether it's online or by telephone, we strive to provide quality support to all our customers.
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    Feel free to browse through the list of frequently asked questions. These are the questions we receive on a regular basis.

    If you can't find the answer you are looking for then contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    • How long would it take to get my new website up and running?
    • It depends on design, functionality and how complicated the whole website will be. For example if you use one of the ready templates or if it's just a simple website then it would definitely take much less time, than website with custom design and complicated functionality.
    • Do you take any deposit?
    • Usually we take 30% of the quoted price as a deposit, but that is negotiable.
    • Is deposit refundable?
    • Yes, but only if we fail to deliver, or if the order is cancelled by us. For example if you decide not to continue with the webdesign, we will keep your deposit.
    • How much does the website cost?
    • It depends on design, functionality and how complicated the whole website will be.
    • Do we need to meet before the process starts?
    • Usually we want to meet our clients in person to discuss project details, however this is not the rule.
    • Can you redesign my existing website?
    • Yes, we can do that, but sometimes if might be faster and cheaper to create a new site.
    • Would my website look the same in different browsers?
    • At the end of the designing process we perform a cross-browser compatibility testing to make sure your website will render properly. Please note that some browsers may render the same control in a different way.
    • How would I update content on my website?
    • If you are familiar with HTML, then you can do it yourself, otherwise we can provide you with necessary tools. Please note that websites with Content Management System usually cost a little bit more.
    • Do I need to buy a new domain?
    • If you haven't got the domain already, then you will need to buy one. We can help you with that.
    • Can you provide Windows Hosting?
    • Yes, we can provide Windows Hosting. Depending on your requirements we have different hosting packages. For more details please contact us.
    • What's Linux?
    • Linux is a operating system which can host websites written in PHP. Unfortunately we do not provide Linux hosting at present.
    • Would I get an email account with MakeITlive hosting?
    • Depending on package choosen we can provide Email accounts.
    • Does your server support ASP.Net 3.5?
    • Yes, our servers even support ASP.Net 4.0 if you need.
    • Can I get a dedicated IP?
    • Yes, we can provide a dedicated IP.
    • I have a shopping cart on my website, can I secure my website?
    • If you haven't got a certificate yet, we can provide you with a SSL certificate. Otherwise you can use your own.
    • Do you provide a full source code?
    • Yes, we can provide you with the source code, depending on the requirements.
    • What programming languages do you use?
    • We develop applications in C# or VB .Net
    • What applications can you develop?
    • We can develop pretty much everything - from simple scripts to advanced windows or web based applications.
    • I need a database solution in for my company.
    • That's not a problem. We have a long time experience in designing and developing database solutions.
    • Can you use any 3rd party controls?
    • We have a very good experience working with Telerik R.A.D Web Controls & DevExpress Controls, but we can use any other 3rd party software as well.
    • Can you integrate software you develop with my existing intranet application?
    • That's very difficult question, as first we need to find out how does your current application work and if it can be extended.
    • Do you develop Windows based software?
    • Tes, we can develop web and windows based applications.
    • What is ecommerce?
    • Ecommerce is a way of selling goods and services over the internet. Even a simple website which promotes your product can be called "eCommerce"
    • Can I use any 3rd party software to setup eCommerce website?
    • Yes, there's plenty of software available on the market.
    • I can't find software which fully suits my requirement.
    • That's not a problem at all. MakeITlive will build a ecommerce solution customised to your needs.
    • Do I need to know programming or HTML to setup a eCommerce website?
    • No, you don't need to know any programing language. Most of the eCommerce solutions have been developed with end users in mind - they are intuitive and easy to use.
    • What products and how many can I sell on a eCommerce website?
    • You can sell pretty much every product you want. Also you can sell any amount of products.
    • Can MakeITlive setup a online shop for me?
    • Yes, we can do that. We can use 3rd party eCommerce software or we can develop a product just for you.
    • How much does it cost to setup an online store?
    • That depends on many factors. Best way to find out is to contact MakeITlive - we will give you the best quote.
    • Can I add an online store into my existing website?
    • Yes, you can do that.
    • Do I need a internet merchant account to run online store?
    • That really depends on your requirements. For a start you can always accept payments through
    • What is a payment gateway? Do I need one?
    • Payment gateway is a service which connects your eCommerce website with an merchant account provider.
    • Would my online store be secure for customers?
    • Software itself will be secure. On top of that you can purchase SSL certificate to encrypt all the traffic between your website and the customer.
    • What is SSL and how can I get one?
    • SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer" and it's a method of ensuring that data submitted through your online store is secure.
    • How do I get list of subscribers?
    • You should use your business address book for a start. Also we could implement a Newsletter signup to your website.
    • Can I buy emails list?
    • Yes you can, but it's not recommended. Purchased list can contain addresses of people who don't want to receive marketing emails.
    • Can people unsubscribe from my marketing list?
    • Everyone should be given an option to unsubscribe.
    • Do I need to design my email template?
    • If you have an existing design, we can convert it to a valid HTML. Otherwise MakeITlive can design it for you and get everything ready.
    • Would the images be displayed in the emails?
    • Sometimes images can cause security issues, therefore some email provider might block them. This is not an issue as we will create a static version of the letter and include the link to it.
    • Would my emails be readable on mobile devices?
    • Standard HTML email might not be rendered properly on some devices therefore we recommend creating text only version.
    • Why should I use website monitoring?
    • Your website uptime is very important. Especially if you are running an online store. It would not be professional if your website is inaccessible.
    • Can you monitor any website?
    • Yes, you have to give us a URL of the website. Website platform does not really matter.
    • How often will you check if my website is accessible?
    • Depending on your requirements, we can monitor the website almost as often as you want (minimum interval is 5 minutes).
    • Is your monitoring service reliable?
    • We have systems running which checks your website from many different locations. If one server can not access your website it will automatically ask another one to check if there's an issue.
    • How do you check if the website is up and running.
    • We try to access any given url to see if we get the proper response. We can capture the error codes return by your server.
    • Would I get any reports?
    • Depending on your requirements and package, you can access your reports online or we can email them straight to your email address. We can also send you text message when your website is unavailable.
    • How much will the monitoring service cost me.
    • That depends on frequency, reporting type, number of websites. Please contact us to get a price.